I arrived in Delhi at 11pm my time (Singapore time), so it was a long long day. I was whisked through immigration and walked straight out, where my hotel’s “Executive/Airport Services” waited with a driver to pick me up. They were so very kind, polite and helpful, that I really felt I was coming home. I was so relieved!

Although it was late in the evening, traffic was horrendous. I learned that trucks and large vehicles were not allowed on Delhi streets before 9pm at night, so now they were all out there, clogging everything.

I was pleasantly surprised when we reached the hotel, it is lovely. And the helpful, friendly and polite way of treating tourists seems to be a way of life here. My room is spacious, pretty and very clean. The hotel had even asked me ahead of time what kind of pillows and mattress I would like.

I still let friends and family know I had arrived safely in Delhi, so I was up until 3am. By then I had been up for 22 hrs –  so after that I slept the sleep of the righteous, let me tell you!

Hotel Reception in India

Hotel Reception

Beautiful ladies welcoming me at the hotel reception

Beautiful ladies welcoming me at the hotel reception


Greeters at the hotel entrance