When I woke up and opened the drapes, I saw absolutely nothing. Fog so dense I couldn’t see a single thing out of the window, the world was opaque white. Immediately I worried about the departure of my plane. Because about 10 days before that, for several days in a row, Delhi Airport was closed and completely scrambled all air traffic in the country, being the capital of 17 million people. That’s why I had such a hard time getting out of Singapore then.

I found myself dismayed that I had to leave Delhi. I had gotten comfortable in my nice “room with a view” and also with my daily routine. But then, – everything has to come to an end; so getting up early, packing, (which is always a problem, since I always have too much luggage), having breakfast, was in order. I asked the Concierge to inquire about my flight – he said, it would be on time. Well, … I hoped.

I believe I would not have made it, had it not been delayed – because of fog!

The passport line took one hour, so did security. Of course, several undisciplined people tried to jump the ropes, the lines, or whatever barriers were used. Well, not in front of me, you don’t! So while we were waiting, we had some skirmishes going on to entertain the crowd.

After security I was told again to walk fast to my gate, since it is a long way. These airports nowadays are huge, you really need a vehicle. And I think I remember I found one of those passenger transports for the elderly! But it also might have been at another airport ….. They all seem to run together. Anyway, I made it.

And off I was …. to Dubai.

Stay tuned.