As we all know, flying is absolutely no more fun. I checked in at Sydney airport with my heavy, HEAVY suitcase and one roller suitcase to take into the plane. The carrier was Virgin Australia. All went well until Brisbane, where I had to change planes. I don’t know why it was booked that way, since there are plenty of direct flights from Sydney to Singapore. Brisbane added 5:30 hrs to my travel time. As it turned out, Brisbane was also my downfall. The Virgin flight was operated by Etihad, the Abu Dhabi airline. Well, as I was going through security they stopped me and weighed my roller suitcase. 13.8 kg. Etihad allows only 7kg. Disaster!!! They sent me back to the check-in counter. The agent informed me that excess baggage costs $35/kg. he suggested I go across the building to buy a cheap bag and split up my hand luggage. That counter was there solely to sell these cheap bags to tourists like me. They had scales there, too. So I EMPTIED my roller case and put all the stuff into the newly purchased cheap (and light) gym bag. Surprise: everything fitted in there and it still weighed only a smidgen over 7kg. So back to the agent, who as a favor checked my empty roller case for free in and I had to lug the gym bag onto the airplane.

16 hrs after leaving Sydney I arrived in Singapore. As it turned out, this was one of my lesser trials. More to come – stay tuned.